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3 Dec 2021 -
The Dura Rules have been updated - rule 6.4 -...

The Dura Rules have been updated -

Particularly rule 6.4 - Power Abuse and Griefing has been expanded to provide more definition around how it will be enforced and; rule 9.6 Buying of Miscellaneous Game Advantages has been added.

Please take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the rules as you will be expected to know them.

14 Nov 2021 -
Currently PayPal is malfunctioning and some people who donate are not receiving their...

Currently PayPal is malfunctioning and some people who donate are not receiving their corresponding Dura Coins. If you experience this please open a Support Ticket in Discord or message a GM in game. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Dura Staff

29 Apr 2021 -
April 29th Patch Notes...

April 29th Patch Notes II:                                                                    




Aleta Grav now works on all houses, all doors reset.

u Added descriptions to Outfit Scrolls.

u Fountain Package Item fixed.

u Elite Haste lowered.

u Furniture can now be destroyed inside PZ via weapon.

u Fixed Banshee Quest bugs.

u Invisibility Debug fixed.

u Client Debug desyncing character with monster on same tile fixed.

u Fixed two Rent System bugs.

u Furniture/Items are now breakable by weapons inside protection zone. Without protection zones furniture/items are not breakable by weapons.

u Activated new raids. Tier 2 and Tier 3.

u Changed Small Stones to recycle back into one's hand. This will be how they function until we implement "a hardened stone". Reasoning for this as well as a hardened stone is to allow all 4 vocations to comfortably train in their downtime; our players after all are not kids anymore. No sense in having to touch stones every 4 minutes if other vocations do not have to.

u Hellgate Mwall fixed.

u Amazon Camp Bug fixed.

u Lessened mana for conjure bolt from 70 to 60.

u Also 5 days of Premium Account were added to all accounts as compensation for the crashes. These crashes do not in anyway affect character progress. They only cause the map-floor to be reset meaning people's loot bags are lost.

u Using Sudden Death Rune requires Premium Account.

u Creating Sudden Death Rune requires Premium Account.

u Using Energy Wave requires Premium Account.

u Server-save now only occurs every 2 hour instead of 30 minutes

u Arrows now cost 2 Gold from NPCs

u Bolts now cost 3 Gold from NPCs

u Rules on Unfair Play Advantage have been updated. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with them. These rules have been instituted after much thought on what fair play truly means for a long term healthy game experience for all players. As we always say Dura intends to be a real game for 10 years, after much thought we think these new rules support that vision going forward. They cover such topics as Account Selling/Buying, Gold Selling/Buying, and Account Sharing.

29 Apr 2021 -
April 29th Patch Notes I:...

April 29th Patch Notes I:                                                                                                                                            


u Knights have been patched today, the formula has been revised resulting in greater defense while lesser offense for the vocation.

u Paladins have been patched today, the formula has been revised resulting in more dynamic accuracy and damage based on distance from target.

u Added 'Slain of the Realm' in towns. This will give real time tracking of Slain Monsters for the realm at large when it is needed.

u Behemoth quota for Monsters of Brawn reduced from 2,000 to 1,750.

u Global reward for all citizens upon success of Monsters of Brawn raised from 5% loot buff to 10% loot buff for all monsters, including raids, from Tuesday the 4th Server Save to Tuesday the 11th Server Save to all Durans.

u Tier 4, Tier 3, and Tier 2 raids activated.
u Behemoth has received a loot buff.
u Giant Spider has received a loot buff.
u Dragon has received a loot buff.
u Orc Warlord has received a loot buff.
u Lich has received a loot buff.
u Vampire has received a loot buff.
u Orc Shamans summon snakes less.
u Deer, Sheep, and Rabbits no longer cause PZ.


u Break Chance for QUEST items has been raised substantially.

u Three Days of Premium Account has been given to all users due to the crash suffered by the Server on April 20th.


u Tier 4 and 3 Raids activated. Be on your guard.

u Uniform Spawn Rate. During all 24 hours of server cycle the rate of spawn will be the same.

u PvP Blessings Implemented. If one dies in PvE they will lose only PvE blessings. If one dies in PvP they will lose only PvP blessings. This means there is a total of 10 blessings. They are all acquirable from the normal 5 blessing NPCs. PvE blessings prices remain as they are now. PvP blessing prices are about half the price of PvE blessings. A PvE death means the last hit is by a monster. A PvP death means the last hit is by a player. To buy a PvP blessing from an NPC say "war blessing-keyword". To buy a PvE blessing say "blessing-keyword" This measure is part of the calm to the storm; after reflection we think this is best and the most fair for good gameplay, the original blessing system on Dura was designed more with PvE in mind, not PvP.

Note: If you already have blessings they are PvE blessings.

Note: It is impossible to lose both PvE and PvP blessings in the same death.

u Realm's Aid has been increased substantially. The impetus for this is as an effective anti-cheating counter measure. It will give honest players more gold to deal with those who cheat.
u New Raids, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 activated. Be on your guard.


u Experienced received by killing an Outlaw is dropped from 25% of the total experience to 0%.
u Hunters distance away from target has been decreased.
8 Mar 2021 -
March 8th Patch Notes...

March 8th Patch Notes II:                                                                                                                                 


New Raids activated. They are in slightly vulnerable areas. Please pay attention to the Raid Messages as to where they are and what to expect.

-Added New System: Makes Raid Monsters not lureable past a certain point; the monster will return to its original location. This is designed so high level players cannot for example cannot lure giant spiders from -6 up to -1 or surface. Or lure Heroes which spawn in POH all the way to Ab'dendriel (yes, there is a way)

-New High Level Raids -- Tier 3 are being added, as well as Tier 2.

-Changed Banshee monsters. More huntable.

-Fixed PvP field damage to have greater damage in PvP and therefore more use. There was a bug previously.

-New elements (things) are added to the map.

-Crossbows and Bows are now One-Handed and use ammunition from hands and ammunition slot. You cannot wear a shield or other weapon if you are wearing a Bow or Crossbow.

-Fixed Rooking System, triggering whenever you hit level 5 in main you will be sent to Rook as a level 1 and no vocation.

-There was a small bug with PvP field damage after we patched it, it should work now.


-Fixed logging bug outside of Banshee Quest.

-Only remove soulbound from runes on death with less than 10x charges. To prevent abuse.

-Added a 5 minute idle warning as well as a 1 minute warning.

-Fixed items bug when moving an item to a minimized equip-window if no space left.

-Getting rooked will also now also clears depot and spells

-Changed Giant Spider Kazordoon Mine Raid

-Buffed Elder Beholder Loot

-Buffed Elder Beholder Helmet

-Changed Dragon Loot

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29.11.2021 -
Under the blistering sands...


New elements and new abilities await...



Fight old foes in areas not seen for a thousand years...

Under the blistering sands, where the dreadful air hangs stale and hot, untold rumors linger in trails of myth and whisper, tall tales from the venturers who come in from the kha'labal. Below the desert untold power and death awaits the explorer...

Dura Staff

24.11.2021 -

Welcome to Ankrahmun...

...the arid sands of the Kha’labal move slowly but deliberately in obedience to the wind. The ancient civilization of Ankrahmun, once a specimen of grandiosity, has devolved to a sanctuary for archeologists, treasure hunters, and curators. The sands give refuge to many secrets but sparkle with the reflections of their watchful overseers.  Asim is no fool. He trusts neither his eyes nor his ears, only his heart. With death and deceptive magics around every corner, Asim ventures into the unrelenting sands in search of glory. . . and truth. Death is but a small price to pay when seeking greatness...


16.11.2021 -
Halloween Picture Contest Results

Greetings everyone,

All the entries for Dura's Halloween Picture Contest have been considered and here are the placings:

1st Place: "The Night Dura Kills" story and poem by Axis.

It was the night before Halloween and all through the land,
Dura was steering monsters with heads in hand.
I collected my supplies and went with a rush,
The loot was waiting and profit a must.
I traversed very far cause the boats were pricey,
Then I ran into mobs, and it got kind of dicey.
I shot bolt after bolt with no end in sight,
Luckily, I got my dailies for the night.
I finished them off one by one,
Only to continue my journey in light other than the sun.
I went vast and deep in search of the treasure,
But every eventual mob seemed harder in measure.
I finally arrived in a cave full of death,
My first instinct was holding my breath.
I shot a hmm here and a hmm there,
All in the while my supplies started to disappear.
Ghouls and Demon Skeletons were no match for my skills,
The deeper I went the arising of thrill,
But death upon death the loot would not spill.
I mustered my strength to go further and further,
All the while I sensed a deep murmur.
I finally reached my place of destination,
But what I saw was no explanation.
In a hut far in the Plains of Havoc,
Stood an unknown teleport, but I was a maverick.
These visions of Jack-O-Lanterns filled my head,
But I was going in alive or dead.
I mustered my courage and in I dashed,
I entered this teleport with an utani hur flash.
The place was mystical after the mobs I have faced,
The room before had ghouls dead all over the place.
It was like I went to a place frozen in time,
Could this really be happening at this present time?
Then out of nowhere I heard in the back of my head,
Who dares enters the sanctum of Halloween where blood must be shed.
Boom, bam, bang I fought with a must,
Ever on going the fighting seemed just.
My head filled with nightmares after every injury in tow,
With this darkness of a creature I went blow for blow.
The treasure yes, the treasure I must,
Bolt after bolt thrust after thrust.
Supplies on empty and the battle ensuing,
I was over ran with the most ghouly feeling.
It was time for an escape or atleast for a plan,
Then the caption read you died by the DURA Boogeyman.  

2nd Place: "Fear Tonight!" picture by Plot Armor

3rd Place: "Fire and Corpses" picture by Mehanix Pain

4th Place: "Elixir of Life" picture by Cerberos

5th Place: "Trick or Treat" picture by Horla Mac

6th Place: "Happy Halloween in Dura Online" video by Oniichan

Halloween Party!

7th Place: "Blood!" picture by The Vampire


Honorable Mention: Demecius for his "Welcome the Death!" picture!


1st Place: "Scythe of Death awarded to Axis for the 2021 Halloween Picture Contest".
2-4th Place: 60 Days of Premium and 75 Dura Coins, as well as 7 day Zombie Wizard Outfit.
5-7th Place: 30 Days of Premium and 50 Dura Coins, as well as 2 day Zombie Wizard Outfit.

Thanks you to everyone who participated, see you next Halloween!
Dura Staff

5.11.2021 -
Dura's 1st Year Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary everyone, we made it. One year. Drinks, hugs, and cheers all around.

To a bright future filled with adventures, laughs, and many deaths!!!!

For Dura's first anniversary we will be having each day a small area in 1-2 towns that will replenish your health and mana the more you celebrate! This area will be a Non-PvP zone where you cannot die to players but you can die to monsters. It is not a protection zone. You will have to find the area on your own but it will usually be a tavern or a local hangout in the given town.

So to many hours of merrymaking and revelry, training and rune-making, story-telling, the refilling of drinks, the passage of the past and the glowing stare into the future.


Time of Event: Saturday Server Save, November 6th 11:00EST, to Monday Server Save, November 15th 10:00EST.

Fair warning that concerning the event area(s) of each day griefing will not be tolerated. There is no counter-play to griefing since it is a non-pvp zone -- therefore a 7 day ban will be given out to those who grief the event.

Grateful Regards,
Dura Staff

24.10.2021 -

Happy Halloween!

With a week to go to Halloween we are adding quite a number of things to give you a fright. When you venture through the scary lands and haunted towns of Dura you may notice an alarmingly great amount of bats and they just might be carrying something rather sinisterly valuable in their claws and under their wings. Further it seems the undead of this world are becoming restless to an unknown degree... we think they might be appearing near humans more than normal. It's also possible there will be other untold horrors on their way, but no one knows yet it seems... And all the while various inhabitants of Dura seem to be turning into Zombies... and, well, Halloween is only beginning..

Enjoy the festivities,
Dura Staff